Client Arta în Cetate (MMU Project), Ioan Bolborea

Event Production, Canvas & Artwork Concept, Full Identity Design

The Monument of the Great Union is a grand project of monumental sculpture, at the border with architecture, made by the sculptor Ioan Bolborea.

The launch of this project was to take place in 2018, on the 100-year anniversary of the Great Union of the Romanian people, but it was postponed for a later date.

The presentation event of this complex monument took place in 2013 at the “Constantin Brancusi” Hall, an exhibition space within the Palace of Parliament. Among the prominent guests of this event were some important names of the Romanian politics at the time, among which Razvan Theodorescu (former Minister of Culture) or Valeriu Zgonea (Head of the Chamber of Deputies at the time).

The exhibition consisted in the presentation of several models of the proposed work, in a variety of expression techniques (processed photography, 3D rendering, 3D modeling, multimedia) and aimed to expedite the financing of this monument by the Ministry of Culture and other accredited institutions.

Photo Credit: Radu Dumitrescu (Greywolf Studio)

ID & Concept

Canvas Work

The Event