Client Galateea Contemporary Art

Exhibition Visual ID, Poster Design & Print

A Lot of Colour and A Bit of Geometry is the title of a collective exhibition of ceramics, organised and curated by Cristina Bolborea (University Professor at UNArte Bucharest) in which she also participated as an exhibiting artist. Some of her students joined her in exhibiting their works.

Given the chosen theme, but also the fact that it was a collective exhibition, its poster could not be based on a single image associated with a work, nor was juxtaposing several images of this type a suitable solution.

Therefore, in this case, the challenge consisted in creating a visual identity of the exhibition without using any photographs of any ceramic pieces. The solution was to form a texture from colored squares (pixels), from which we created a fine network that sends the viewer thinking about the specific gentleness and refinement of the ceramic technique.

Photo Credit: Alexandru Vasiliu (Fler Studio)


Print & Stationery