Client Urban Identity Committee

Concept, Strategy, Branding, Full Identity

The Brief of this project consisted in creating a cultural identity for the Romanian capital city.

For this purpose, we chose the variant of an identity system which, unlike a logo, has the advantage of a much greater flexibility in exposure and applicability.

Given the grandeur of this city, but also its busy history, summing yourself up to a single representative element becomes a virtually impossible task.

As a conceptual solution, some of the cultural and architectural buildings and edifices representative for this municipality were chosen, from which we created a set of icons, accompanied by the writing of the name ‘Bucharest’ with a font perfectly harmonised with their design. The icons are presented in a formula of 4, which can alternate depending on the necessity and specificity of the context in which this identity system appears.

The chosen colours represent the dynamic and modern spirit of this growing and expanding metropolis.

Photo Credit: Stock Photography

Below you can see the origin of the icons, each icon being associated with the building or edifice after which it was designed.